• Ramadan (Turkish: Ramazan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which lasts 29 or 30 days. The Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle.

    The exact time of Ramadan sometimes varies from place to place as some rely heavily on the moon sightings, while others depend on science.

    Wed, 18/07/2012 - 14:21
Six Articles of Faith

Most of you have heard of the Five Pillars of Islam, but have you ever heard of the Six Articles of Faith?

  • Articles of faith are sets of beliefs usually found in creeds, sometimes numbered, and often beginning with "We believe...", which attempt to more or less define the fundamental theology of a given religion.
    Mon, 16/07/2012 - 14:09

In Arabic, Allah means literally the one God.

Thu, 12/07/2012 - 15:51
Five pillars of Islam

The 'Five Pillars' of Islam are the foundation of the Muslim life. These are five basic acts in Sunni Islam, considered obligatory by believers. They are summarized in the famous Hadith of Gabriel.
The Qur'an presents them as a framework for worship and a sign of commitment to the faith.

Thu, 12/07/2012 - 12:28

Islam is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion. The word “Islam” is translated from Arabic as “submission” and “obedience”. In Sharia terminology that means absolute monotheism (tawhid), obedience to God (Allah), to his orders and prohibitions and complete separation from polytheism.

Wed, 11/07/2012 - 21:02