Islam is not only a religion!

Гафаров Рафиг Абил оглы

Gafarov Rafiq Abil oglu

Oil and Gas Industry Veteran
Member of the Central Council of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress
Academician of the International Academy for Spiritual Unity of Nations


Islam is a lifestyle, worldview, an ideology with its own doctrine. Islam is not a tradition. Islam was heavensent and traditions come from different nations. There is only one common religion, which cannot be divided into Arab, Turkish, Tatar or Caucasian. Traditions, in their turn, may be different, peculiar to different nations, but they have nothing to do with the religion.

Nowadays nine tenths see only a downside to Islam related to religionism, Islamic fundamentalism and aggressive military posture. Such a limited knowledge of the Muslim countries does more harm, than good.
One shouldn’t look at the situation neither in the Islamic states nor in other countries with other national religions such as Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and etc. only from the religious angle.

What we want is to challenge the outdated and ignorant stereotypes about underdevelopment and backwardness of the Islamic countries and arouse public interest in their rich culture and traditions. It is a high time for the world to notice the unifying force of Islam, because Islam is not just a faith of individuals, it is  a religion sent for the mankind in its entirety, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity.

Through “ISI” we aim to inform people of the latest political, business, financial, sports, cultural, historical news and so on, in other words of everything that is going on in the world.

Islam emerged and developed in the 7th Century AD in the midst of the Arab people, aboriginal to Arabia. During the first century it expanded from the Atlantic Ocean to the borders of China and kept evolving over the centuries.

Approximately one-fourth of the world's population today is Muslim. In North Africa, Middle East, some Central Asian countries and Indonesia practically the whole population confesses Islam.

Nearly one in every five people in Russia is Muslim. There is also a great number of Muslims in such countries as France, Germany, Great Britain, China and the USA.  The precise number of Muslims in the world estimates from 1.5 to 1.8 billion.

The development of the Muslim states can be shown through the example of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, the Republic of Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Bashkortostan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and etc. which have sufficient economic capacity for socio-economic integration both between each other and between other countries.

Today we face the mighty Islamic world with its rich and diverse history and a very versatile culture. 

Islam is not based on hostility, conquest, incivility or war appeals. Islam is a religion of mercy and forgiveness. It calls for peace and justice.

The rest of the world would do well to learn from Islam and Muslim countries. Knowledge in Islam is very worthful.

The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said: “If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, God will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise.” – Sunan of Abu-Dawood, Hadith 1631
He also said: “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.” – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74

For Muslims knowledge which is called "mental food" is more valuable than the real one.

The contribution of Muslim scientists to philosophy, astronomy, chemistry, medicine, mathematics is tremendous and inestimable.

So let’s derive mutual enrichment and help both ourselves and others to achieve humanity, kindness, compassion and tolerance.

Remember that an avenue to prosperity begins with your attitude to yourself, to others and to the life in whole!